We adopt our defined working model to simplify the projects requirements and then we step forward as per below flow chart.


Low Tension Panel

It controls low voltage 415v distributuion to the industry for utility.


Power Control Cubical Panel

Panels are used to supervise and control the voltage and power of the power system.


Motor Control Cubical Panel

A motor control center can include variable frequency drives, programmable controllers


Automatic Power Correction Control Panel

It used to improve the power factor, whenever required, by switching ON and OFF the required capacitor bank units automatically.


Auto Mains Failure Panel

Automatic Mains Failure panels are installed as part of a automatic generator installation. The AMF is connected to the generator set to power control the operational functions.


Synchronizing Panel

To synchronize two or more diesel generator sets it is required to match all the parameters viz. voltage, frequency, speed, phase sequence and phase angle.

PCC Panels are the most essential part of electrical system of an industry from where the power of the industry is controlled. Our team focus on quality PCC panels designed and manufactured according to the customer specifications. Best quality switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and efficient performance.
  • PCC panels are manufactured in a perfectly classified structure.
  • Quality insulators are used to safety and long lasting
  • We manufacture PCC panels with rated current ranging under
  • Customized and cost-effective
  • User friendly, safe and reliable
  • There can be a provision of space heater, thermostat and backup protection if required by customer